About me

Hello, my name is Nik. I am professional iOS developer from Russia. I have an extremely wide range of experience to work with (social network apps, food delivery services, apartments renting apps, cross-platform games, Apple Watch and Apple TV applications).
Very quick Objective-C/Swift (iOS) developer with BaaS(Firebase, Parse) experience. I can quickly bring your project to life. If our project runs into skills outside of my scope (Android or Backend), I have an extensive network of professionals with complementary skills. I've worked extensively with client-server apps architecture. I am always extremely communicative and quick to respond. I look forward to working together.

My skills are Swift, Objective-C, UIKit, MapKit, Realm, Multithreading, Alamofire, Git, MVVM, VIPER, Unit Testing.



Simple, intelligent, and FREE expense management that pays you cash back on virtually everything you buy.
Role: Senior iOS developer
Year: 2017-2018
Website: spentapp.com

Street Adventure

Play quest on the city streets with your smartphone. It includes different type of questions (Geo Questions, Puzzles, Augmented reality).
Role: iOS developer, Mobile Lead
Year: 2017
Website: www.streetadventure.ru


KWE is a connecting application that helps daycares, camps, tutoring schools, parents to improve their connection, escape from chaos and make all processes with kids organized.
Role: iOS developer, Mobile Team Lead
Year: 2017
Website: www.kwechild.com


Wearever is the app which helps choose today’s style within seconds! Updated hourly, designers from around the world will be your fashion inspiration, and will suggest outfits for any occasion, which you can purchase right here, via app.
Role: Sole iOS developer
Year: 2017
Website: www.weareverapp.com


With Spiti app you can discover thousands of places to stay in more than 300 cities in Russia. Book accommodations and find rooms for rent directly from your iPhone.
Role: Sole iOS developer
Year: 2016
Website: www.spiti.ru


Food delivery service.
Role: Sole iOS developer.
Year: 2015.
Website: RestUDM iOS app.


Discover Things to Do Nearby - City Guide by Nudge Technology Inc. Award winning app featured in VentureBeat, TechCrunch and The Wall Street Journal.
Role: iOS developer.
Year: 2015

Company: Nudge Inc

5 Games (iPad, Android, Kindle) for Kidmastermind

Tablet games designed to keep your child interested for longer periods of time. It provides data with progress updates and has time limits that take your child’s health and interest into consideration.
Role: Mobile Game developer.
Year: 2015

Website: www.kidmastermind.com.

Pirate Story RPG Game

Pirate Story is an awesome game that combines the thrill of being an adventurous pirate with the fun and addictive play of a tiles matching game.
Role: iOS developer.
Year: 2014

Company: Beenza Games


  • Alex Sokolof

    Chief Technology Officer at KWE Tec Inc

    Nikita is a very talented senior iOS developer. He is very responsible, with great time management skills and efficiency. For the last couple of years, we work together he recommended himself as a professional. He always not just following instructions but choses the best way to develop the product and make code efficient. He will always advise the best way for product realization. And if he sees anything to be simplified or improved he will tell about it.

  • Andrey Sterlin

    Nutnet, CEO

    Nikita is one of the very few developers who can complete his part of work without manager initiative. He is not only shows problems but always offer solutions for them. And most importantly is that Nikita have very strong time management skills - you project will be complete before deadline.

  • Mikhail Kalinin

    Datacrafts, CEO

    Nikita is a highly qualified developer. I've been working with him on several projects and can say that he is hard work, reliable and very responsible person. One of the best Nikita's abilities which strikes him as a high-skilled professional is an ability to put all his knowledge into a product he is working on. He can easily improve specs and design sketches to make application work smoothly and deliver better UX to clients. I would love to have Nikita as a lead developer on all our projects.